Ammonia Leak

On Friday October 16, St. Tammany Fire District 13 in conjunction with multiple agencies responded to an Anhydrous Ammonia leak at Diversified Foods and Seasonings located at 109 Hwy 1085. Fire District 13 units arrived within minutes of the initial call and established incident command, began setting up DECON and assessing patients who were exposed to the Anhydrous Ammonia. Acadian Ambulance transported two plant workers who had a direct exposure but were in stable condition. With assistance from plant personnel an action plan was quickly determined and approved by State Police Hazmat. Other agencies were contacted for assistance and air monitoring was initiated in the surrounding areas. Due to an abundance of caution and the proximity of the leak to the Interstate, the West bound lanes of I-12 were closed so monitoring and cleanup operations could be completed quickly and safely. The vapors from the leak were suppressed using Fire District 13’s Ladder truck, while crews made entry to shut the system down. Chief Lonnie Johnson stated “the joint training done including Diversified Foods plant personnel, Fire District 13, Fire District 4 and the City of Covington for this exact situation paid off; today’s results can be directly contributed to that training and our joint emergency planning.” “This was a multi-agency response including Louisiana State Police, DEQ, The USDA, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, St. Tammany Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, Acadian Ambulance, Fire District 2, Fire District 4, City of Covington Fire Department, and Diversified Foods and Seasonings Personnel; everyone had a job to do and all worked seamlessly to get it done safely, we are grateful for that”, said Chief Johnson.